Simple Ways to Vastly Improve Your Home Before Selling

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Selling your home can seem incredibly difficult, and many homeowners fear their house may languish on the market for months or even years. However, there are some things you can do to improve your home to make it a much faster and easier sell. Use these tips from John Farrell Real Estate Co. to make sure your home moves quickly and finds a qualified … [Read more...]

Pelican Season Returns to Lake Ozark

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Lake of the Ozarks is a wonderful place to visit, and if you’re considering buying a vacation home, it could be a prime spot for you. While there are a number of reasons to buy a home right now, one that attracts many people to the area this time of year is pelican season. At Lake of the Ozarks, the pelicans bring a great deal of excitement and fun to the … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Get Your Lake of the Ozarks Home Ready for Selling This Spring

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If you are planning on selling a home in Lake Ozark, MO, then you should do a few things in order to prepare it this spring. The following are a few tips to help you make your home more attractive to homebuyers this spring: Clean your gutters: This is more important than you might think. Not only does it help make your home’s exterior look … [Read more...]

Start a Full Home Purge Before Moving

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If you are planning on living in Lake Ozark and have just bought a new home there, then you probably can’t wait to begin packing up your old home so that you can move. However, before you begin packing all of your things, you should go through everything in order to get rid of whatever you no longer need. The longer you live in one place, the more … [Read more...]

Tips for Handling Taxes on Your Rental Home in Lake Ozark

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A rental property can help you generate income, but doing your taxes isn’t always as simple. In fact, for most people who haven’t owned rental property in the past it can feel downright confusing. However,  here are some tips that you can help you handle your taxes – tips that could even help you earn more money or properly calculate your … [Read more...]