How to Decorate Your New Lakefront Home


When it comes to decorating your new lakeside home be sure to play to its strengths especially if using it as a summer home. Modern Kitchen via Houzz Simplicity Since you are normally there during the hotter months, chose furniture and décor which help deal with the heat and do well in the brighter light of summer. Use the Venue Showcase the … [Read more...]

Have a Great Afternoon at the Midwest Wine & Brew Festival

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Beer and wine have traditionally flowed as part of a fun social atmosphere, be it pub or party, with the goal of getting people together.  With that (ahem) spirit in the air, Lake Ozark will be showcasing both during the Midwest Wine & Brew Festival on the Ninth of August. The event will be held at the luxurious Country Club Hotel & Spa from … [Read more...]

Remember the Costs of Moving When You Buy Your Home

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Your first apartment is always an adventure as you learn all the items you took for granted (like a toilet plunger!) you always had access to at your parent’s home. Likewise, there are many hidden costs in owning a home which first-time buyers (and even previous homeowners) forget when they intend to buy a home in Lake Ozark. There are more costs you need … [Read more...]

Plan for the Cost of Decorating When Buying a New Home

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All too often, buyers make the mistake of spending too much money on their new home without budgeting for decorating. It's not likely that you're going to purchase a house that's exactly the way you want it; you're going to want to alter the color scheme and change the overall look to better define you and your family. Other times, buyers will pass up … [Read more...]

We’re Turning 30!

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When it comes to Lake Ozark real estate, John Farrell Real Estate Company has always been the trusted source for the community. We’ve been providing quality service to Lake Ozark residents for thirty years! That’s right, John Farrell Real Estate Company is having its “pearl” anniversary, as we celebrate three decades providing buyers and sellers … [Read more...]